It Starts With a Plan; It Ends With Success

The value of a great plan is only realized when it is put into action. That’s why CENGSSUD not only helps you determine what to do but also how to do it. We engage our clients in the technical aspects, behavior changes and operational systems needed to ensure that sustainability will not only be implemented but will also be successful in the long term. Our goal is for your efforts to be so successful that you’ll be able to continue your progress in the future without external support.

Implementation steps are practical, realistic and customized for all of our clients, and might include:

significantly outperform their peers in several areas:

Policy review & Development 92%
Sustainability Tools 81%
Employees training and Better response to customer needs 98%
Policy Review

Policies need to be robust to make sure sustainability thrives in the long-term. We work with you to review existing policies, make recommendations and ultimately make improvements to increase effectiveness.

Policy Development

New initiatives require policies to ensure systems are in place to turn those new initiatives into everyday habit. We craft policies that are in line with your current governance and company culture in a variety of areas, from procurement to travel to energy management to investment.


To make sure our clients truly own their sustainability programs, we design customized tools, from data tracking systems to carbon footprint calculators, to enable you to more effectively manage your data in the future.

Employee Training

We provide trainings to all levels of an organization to ensure sustainability becomes integrated with everyone’s job duties. Training might include a “Sustainability 101” session tailored to your industry along with specific actions employees can take to improve social and environmental performance.

decisions to drive short and long-term performance improvement.

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