Global challenges in the 21st century require new approaches to problem-solving in the face of shifting demographics, growing economic inequality, and a changing global economy.

Poverty and the wealth gap within and between countries continue to grow and unless we act decisively by 2020 the number of people living on less than two dollars a day may well increase substantially beyond three billion. Protecting the environment is a further dilemma as we pursue greater economic wealth for developed and developing countries. A number of other serious issues, such as global pandemics, drugs trafficking, internally displaced persons, Terrorism, climate change, hunger, etc, continue to pose new difficulties for governments across the world. How the world deals with these global challenges over the coming two decades, not the next half-century will determine the planet’s fate for generations. However, though we have the capacity and potential to tackle the most serious international problems, our ability to do so is hampered by the tools we use to tackle the dilemmas facing the global community. In their current form, our traditional institutions are not capable of addressing the many serious issues facing the global community today. A more intelligent alliance between public institutions, private bodies and civil society is needed.

As we continue our day to day pursuit of global solutions that are workable and sustainable, we will be stepping into unknown spaces with uncertain realities. This is why the need for revitalized global partnerships, collaborations, and interdisciplinary approaches are so important. One specialist, organization or government can’t solve these problems alone. We need to come together in innovative ways to creatively form solutions that not only work for today, but set us on an adaptive path to addressing the solutions we will need tomorrow.

Presently, we are working with various experts from diverse background across the world to bring solutions that are practical, workable and sustainable. As soon as they are concluded, we shall update here accordingly. Stay tuned!