Message from the President and Founder

You are more than welcome,

In the wake of a sustainable vision and global prosperity for all, I’d like to use this medium to introduce you to, our organization, CENTRE FOR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (CENGSSUD). An organisation that was established under Companies and Allied Matters Act No 1 of 1990 Part C with registration number: CAC/IT/81573 with the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with the primary objective of promoting sustainable development and contributes to advancing practical and workable solutions to the world’s numerous problems through research, advocacy, policy development/analysis, capacity development and partnerships.   

At CENGSSUD, we develop research that creates solutions to global issues in a rapidly-changing world. Our research is carried out with interdisciplinary experts from diverse background across the world with focus areas like, International Peace and Security, Climate Change, International Law, Education, Environmental sustainability, Global Governance/policy, Global Economy, Social equity/inclusion, Poverty etc. This interdisciplinary approach provides a fertile ground for the development of our unique solutions to emerging and existing problems.

The Center also works to make policy responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups such as people of color, women, children and youths, older adults, low-income populations and the developing nations.

Therefore, as we continue our day to day pursuit of global solutions that are workable and sustainable, we will be stepping into unknown spaces with uncertain realities. This is why the need for revitalized global partnerships, collaborations, and interdisciplinary approaches are so important. One specialist, organization or government can’t solve these problems alone. We need to come together in innovative ways to creatively form solutions that not only work for today, but set us on an adaptive path to addressing the solutions we will need tomorrow.

Our belief is that, we cannot build the future for our society, but we can build our society for the future, we cannot also operate in a vacuum – volunteers, donors and partners are key to achieving our goals and success. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you look, Global problems such as poverty, terrorism, climate-change, war, etc are not a respecter of persons or place. Together we can certainly shift the tides and restore hope and prosperity to our beloved world.


With love and gratitude

Adebowale Adeniyi

President and Founder