Global Governance & Policy

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How might the people of our world work with one another to govern ourselves more effectively on a global level? Are there alternatives to current practices that result in war, extreme poverty, and the unchecked power and influence of wealthy transnational corporations?


We envision and advocate for enhanced global governance, including stages toward an eventual united federation of nations. Certain institutional innovations inside and outside the United Nations could in the meantime help avert armed conflict, finance environmental restoration, and empower civil society’s voice in global decision-making.

The mission of the Center for Global Solutions and Sustainable Development is to offer policy recommendations for establishing new and effective governance that is fit for responding aptly to the changes of the 21st century and the daily evolving dynamics of international relations and politics. To that end, the Center strives to go beyond traditional ways of thinking that focus on state actors and national security and recommends policies that account for nontraditional security factors such as human security.

Although the common challenges we are facing, such as global warming, biodiversity erosion or poverty, can't be ignored anymore in multilateral and national political agendas, we lack the answers and the means to meet them within the necessary deadlines. Whether intellectual, technological or political, these challenges lead research and decision-making communities to consider a question that has still to be answered, that is the definition of fair and effective global governance.

Without any previous history neither consensual reference leading to a normative conception of”good" governance for global issues, this concept is building up by trial and error. Documenting and informing this global governance empirical building process, while meeting the theorical and conceptual challenges it raises, are the goals of our cross-disciplinary programme.