Our Experts

CENGSSUD experts are recognized authorities in global issues, with expertise linked to one or more of our research programs such as: Global Economy, Global Security, International Law, Climate change, Poverty etc. Through their research and analyses, CENGSSUD experts aim to contribute to global solutions that improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity and promoting a just and more secure world.

Adebowale Adeniyi

Governance, Policy, Security, Int'l Law

Adebusoye, Ayodele Adebisi

Public Procurement, Budget, Development Expert,

Ahmed Adesanya

IT/Corporate Governance Expert

Comerade Balogun Kehinde

Int'l Development, Conflict Managent, Governance, Research

Dr Keziah Awosika, PhD

Senior Researsh Fellow

Nuga, Adebola

Sociologist, Public Health Specialist,

Tribhuban Paudel

Gender, Social Inclusion and Group Development Expert,

Uzoma kingsley, PhD

Environmental Specialist