Our Vision

We strive to be an advocate of global good governance and best practice with significant impact and also building partnerships with businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals to work faster and better to find solutions that are sustainable; and to transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow.

Our Mission

CENGSSUD will build bridges from ideas to action, by conducting research, training and advocacy to influence policy makers in developing sustainable development priorities and address them through a cooperative approach.

Corporate Sustainability Masterclass 3.0, Lagos

This training focuses on how organization can manage their carbon footprint, ecological footprint, reducing business waste/expenses so as to facilitate profitability, competitiveness and longevity, manage stakeholders, sustain the supply chain and develop an understanding into a relationship between the business strategy, the people and the environment.. Read More

Welcome to CENGSSUD

Centre for Global Solutions and Sustainable Development (CENGSSUD) is a multi-focused/dimensional non-governmental, not for profit making organisation with the primary objective of promoting sustainable development and contributes to advancing practical and workable solutions to the world’s numerous problems through research, advocacy, policy development and partnerships. We define sustainable development as the pursuit of four societal objectives:

  • economic development
  • social inclusion
  • environmental sustainability
  • good public and private sector governance, including peace and security.

Climate Change & Environments

We must safeguard creation. ~ Pope.

Forest, Resources & Biodiversity

We are all connected, let's protect our family.

Gender Equality

Women should not be a step behind.

Global Economy

Transforming Business, Changing the World....

Global Education

Education is premise of progress in every society.

Global Governance & Policy

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.

Global Health

The collective voice for global healthy world.

Global Partnerships & Diplomacy

Partnerships is the antidote for solving...

Human Rights

Every human is born with rights.

Hunger & Food Security

Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.

Int'l Peace and Security

Strengthening Global Peace & Security for...

International Law & Treaties

We focus on the areas of international law that...


Poverty is endemic, it must be treated urgently.

SDGs Monitoring and Implementations

Civil Society Organisation is key to...

Social Inclusion

Solutions that work for every one.


CENGSSUD expert partners are recognized authorities in global issues, with expertise linked to one or more of our research programs such as: Global Economy, Global Security, International Law, Climate change, Poverty etc. Through their research and analyses, CENGSSUD experts aim to contribute to global solutions that improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity and promoting a just and more secure world.


Together we can move toward a global solutions that is sustainable, Just and achieve a peaceful world
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